GAIN By The Numbers

As of june 30, 2018

Current GAIN Users

  • States/Provinces/Territories using the GAIN: 65
  • Countries where the GAIN is used: 12 (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, Great Britain, India, South Africa, Spain, US)
  • Licensed GAIN administrative units: 5,092
  • Certified GAIN Local Trainers (individuals that completed our train the trainer model and can now train and recommend their staff to Chestnut for certification): 1,700
  • Certified GAIN Administrators (individuals from all 50 states and four countries outside the united states have completed certification to administer the GAIN at their agencies; these individuals recorded their GAIN administrations with clients and received feedback and coaching from Chestnut to demonstrate mastery of administration): 3,041
  • Certified GAIN Site Interviewers (individuals who were trained by a local trainer at their own agency): 4,807

GAIN Publications and National Dataset

  • GAIN-related publications: 512
  • GAIN-I related publications: 273
  • GAIN Quick publications: 41
  • GAIN Short Screener publications: 103
  • Sample size in CSAT pooled data set: 32,476 (85% with 1+ follow-up; data through December 31, 2012)
  • Sample size in expanded GAIN norms data set: 100,552 (data through December 31, 2012)

GAIN ABS users

  • Total GAIN ABS agency accounts: 1,339
  • Total GAIN ABS users: 16,451
  • Total records in GAIN ABS: 854,420