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Group of trainees listen to presenter.Training and support are the backbone of the GAIN Coordinating Center. The GAIN family of instruments was designed to meet both clinical needs for preliminary biopsychosocial assessment and research needs for standardized measure of problem severity, service utilization, and outcomes. These goals can be only achieved when the instruments are administered appropriately. This requires balancing the rigid rules of standardized tests, which maximize reliability, with more flexible approaches used in clinical interviews, which maximize validity.

Our instrument manuals supported by our administration and mixed-model training help interviewers, trainers, clinicians, and evaluators achieve mastery-level skills and attain the most out of evidence-based practice. As always, the Administration Quality Assurance, Project Coordination, and GAIN ABS Support Teams are here to provide assistance throughout the training process and beyond.

Please select one of the following training models or contact us to learn more:

You can also learn more about current GAIN users and trainees by reviewing our GAIN by the Numbers.