2012 GAIN Briefing Book Slides

SAMHSA-CSAT 2012 GAIN Briefing Book Slides

The SAMHSA-CSAT Annual Briefing Book Slides are a set of PowerPoint presentations, broken up into 21 chapters that provide descriptive information on the most current Summary Analytic SAMHSA-CSAT dataset (2012). These are designed to be encyclopedic references to give quick answers, be pulled into presentations, or reviewed to get a quick sense of an issue.

Please click the links below to access each file. All files are available for download in Adobe PDF version, and some may also be available as a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation or a PDF containing alternate text for the visually impaired.

The Executive Summary provides highlights of the slides by chapter in narrative bullets, followed by a detailed table of contents and an organizational statement and acknowledgment.

Chapter 1 provides a brief introduction to the organization of the briefing book slides, style and layout principles for included charts, and geographic distribution of included grant programs.

Chapter 2-4 presents an overview of topics for all records (chapter 2), adolescent treatment sites (chapter 3) and justice treatment sites (chapter 4). Each file details demographics, risk and protective factors, non-client characteristics, and outcomes.

Chapters 5-17 present a subset of the slides appearing in chapter 2 crossed by the breakout variable that is the focus of the chapter.

Chapter 18 details topics of special interest, including GLBTQ status, ASAM dimension placement, treatment planning, individual clinical profile, unmet need and health disparities, and GAIN instrument profiles.

Chapter 19 summarizes data quality and methodological topics including instrument fidelity, administration times, follow-up rates, and number of follow-ups.

Chapter 20 consists of an executive summary and details of document organization, including a full table of contents, style guide, accessibility information, acknowledgement, and citation.

Chapter 21 is a complete index of the slides available in chapters 1 through 20. Hyperlinks to the relevant chapter are provided.

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