Comparison of Instruments

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PurposeShort screener for general population and triage
Brief assessment for substance use, mental health, justice settings, and other behavioral health settings
Comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment for Substance Use Treatment settings
Follow-up versions available
Alternative versions to shorten (S) and/or support motivational interviewing (MI)SMISMI
LogisticsHours to train on administration11240
Typical number of weeks to certify based on iterations of digital recording and written feedback1613
Average minutes to administer515-4590-120
Pages in hard copy of instrument226113
Available in English (E), French (F), Portuguese (P), Spanish (S), and Other (O) languagesEFSPOESEFSP
Administration on paper or computer, self or staff administered
Ability to hide/skip items via templates or add items via supplemental trailers*
Software to support administration, scoring, validity checks, tabular and clinical narrative reports, change over time reports, export to analytic files, and established syntax files
Clinical Decision Support System produces reports which are based on expert and practitioner consensus panels and statistical analyses
Support for adaptation to deal with specific cultures, subpopulations or context*
Reliability, Validity, Psychometrics, Detailed Norms and differential item functioning by gender, race, age and primary substance
ContentsSubstance use, internalizing and mental health, and crime/violence, recency and breadth of problems
School, work, health, stress/victimization, HIV risk behaviors, recency and days of problems/service utilization, cost of service utilization, quality of life, life satisfaction, more demographics
More detailed measures of substance use, subscales for types of problems, diagnosis to DSM-V, treatment planning, needs/request, ASAM placement dimensions, demographics, access to care, environmental risk, strengths, social support, spirituality, self help engagement, staff ratings, and lifetime service utilization

* May involve additional costs depending on the extent of changes/adaptations