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gAIN data for evaluation and research

Client level GAIN information contained in the reports available from GAIN ABS are very useful for clinicians and other staff to determine if clients meet diagnostic criteria, when determining level of care placement, treatment recommendations, appropriate referrals, and other things. In addition, the aggregate (or group level) GAIN data can assist program evaluators and researchers as well. Program evaluators can use aggregate GAIN data to help program leadership understanding the characteristics of their program and determine what works best for their clients. Researchers can request access to GAIN data from other program sites, which then can be combined into large pooled data sets to answer research questions at the national and regional level.

Using the gain for program evaluation

If you are a program evaluator or data analyst and would like to read more about how to use your GAIN data to evaluate your program, click the link below.

Using the GAIN for Program Evaluation

Accessing National GAIN data

If you are a researcher or program evaluator and would like to read more about accessing national GAIN data, click the link below.

Accessing National GAIN Data

Encyclopedia, Norms and psychometrics

If you are a researcher or program evaluator and would like to read more about the many resources we have to help you analyze and understand your data, click the link below.

Encyclopedia, Norms and Psychometrics

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Resources for Evaluators