Using the GAIN for Program Evaluation

Using gAIN data to evaluate your program

As the program evaluator, you are able to access program data through GAIN ABS. If you purchase Data Management Services, you will be provided with usable analytic data sets with all scales and variables calculated for you, making it simple to begin the analyses you need to do in order to gauge program effectiveness.

If you do not purchase Data Management services, we have a number of tools and resources available so you can download your raw data and create your own analytic datasets.

You may wish to compare your GAIN data to that from similar programs. You can either request this data from the GAIN Coordinating Center or contact the other agency directly.

Evaluation Manual

To learn more about analyzing your GAIN data to evaluate your program click the link below.

GAIN Evaluator Manual

Data management services

To learn more about data services and so you can jump right in to using your data to evaluate your program click the link below.

Data Management Services

National Data

To learn more about how to get access to National GAIN data to answer research questions on a national and regional level , click the link below.

Accessing National Data