Accessing National GAIN Data

Accessing national gAIN data

The GAIN Coordinating Center can provide access to data from other programs, with the ability to combine data from over 100,000 adolescents, young adults, and adults in aggregate datasets.

National Data

We absolutely encourage use of National GAIN data for evaluation and publication. Details for this process are available by clicking the link below.

Accessing National GAIN Data

Data sharing

To obtain data from the GAIN Coordinating Center, the appropriate Data Sharing Agreement must be signed.

Data Sharing Agreement


We also have example abstracts demonstrating required elements of a request, along with a template of the feasibility review process.

Template and Samples


A small fee will be assessed for each data request. This fee allows us to assist in determining the feasibility of the proposed analyses, gathering necessary grantee permissions, preparing the data set, and providing customer service throughout this process.