GAIN ABS Integration

Integrating GAIN ABS and Electronic records systems

If you have an electronic client record system (electronic health record system, case management system, etc.) and you are or are planning to use GAIN ABS, you will want to avoid the duplication of having staff log in to both your client record systems and GAIN ABS. You also might want to pull client GAIN data or clinical reports into your record system. We refer to this sharing of login information and client data between your record system and GAIN ABS as “integration”.

How can I integrate with GAIN ABS?

Integration with GAIN ABS is done using custom REST services. These services use token-based authentication for security and return all data in JSON format for consistency. The benefits of REST services is that they require little configuration and are lightweight / mobile-friendly.

What does integration provide?

GAIN ABS Integration has three main functions. They are fetching data from the GAIN ABS database, saving data to the GAIN ABS database and logging users into the GAIN ABS website automatically from within an electronic client record system (electronic health record system, case management systems, etc.).

Below is a list of the data you can pull from GAIN ABS:

  • A list of all agencies/sites associated to your account
  • A list of all client groups associated to an account/agency (if applicable)
  • A list of all assessments existing in an account/agency
  • Assessment user information
  • A list of all clients in an account/agency
  • A list of all treatment episodes for a client
  • ICP scores for an assessment
  • A list of all assessments for a certain client
  • All responses in an assessment
  • A GRRS/Q3RRS for an assessment as raw data or in PDF format

The following is a list of data that can be pushed to GAIN ABS from an EHR:

  • Created or updated client information
  • Created or updated client treatment episode information

Next Steps

Before we can get started with GAIN ABS integration with your electronic client record system we need to be sure we have all the information necessary to proceed. The items necessary are:

  • A valid GAIN License with the agency/site name and contact information for the representative holding the GAIN License.
  • GAIN ABS accounts currently set up.
  • An existing electronic client record system. We will need the name of the company or vender, the name of the electronic client record system and the name and contact information of the technical representative who will do the development.
  • A description of the GAIN data or reports you want included in your electronic client record system

Once we have all the information in the list above we can have technical representatives from all organizations work together to integrate GAIN ABS with your electronic client record system.


What is the cost for GAIN ABS Integration?

In order to support your integration efforts, the GAIN Coordinating Center is pleased to provide 4 hours of technical support from our software developers at no cost. This time is usually sufficient for most integration efforts. If more time is needed, we charge a flat hourly rate and can meet with your technical team as needed. If your needs extend beyond basic integration and you need more of a customized solution, please contact us to discuss further and obtain a price quote.

For information obtaining a GAIN License or getting GAIN ABS accounts set up, please contact gaininfo@chestnut.org

For more information about GAIN ABS integration, or to provide the information above to get started, please contact Barbara Estrada, Software Manager, Lighthouse Institute, Gain Coordinating Center at bestrada@chestnut.org.