Getting Started with the GAIN


The GAIN is available online through an account in our GAIN Assessment Building System (ABS). A GAIN ABS account allows users to interactively administer all of the GAIN instruments, immediately generate narrative reports based on the information collected and export the information collected to a data file. It is hosted by Chestnut Health Systems and designed to ensure agencies meet HIPAA (1996) standards and the updated requirements outlined in the HITECH Act (2009).

Features of GAIN ABS
  • Immediate client report generation.
  • Automatic item skips and calculations.
  • Flexible setup for multiple agencies, staff, versions of instruments, etc.
  • Hosted by Chestnut Health Systems and requires no maintenance from agency staff.
  • Interoperability with electronic health record systems.

GAIN ABS Information Packet

Setup Forms and Agreements

GAIN ABS Integration with EHRs

GAIN ABS System Requirements
  • High-speed Internet connection.
  • Internet Explorer® 9.0 or newer (will also work with current versions of Firefox® and Google Chrome™).
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher.

Software and Data Services

Purchasing a Yearly GAIN ABS Account

In order to get started you will need to complete a License, Data Sharing Agreement, GAIN ABS User Information and Set Up Form.

The GCC also offers a 30-day cost-free trial of GAIN ABS, manual and instructional video demonstration to get your agency started.

Please contact us at gaininfo@chestnut.org to obtain an estimate to best serve your project needs.

Get a Free 30 Day Trial GAIN ABS Account

Want to try GAIN ABS before you buy? We offer a free 30 day trial at no cost! In order to get started with your free trial, you will need to complete the form below and email it to us at gaininfo@chestnut.org.

GAIN ABS Free Trial

Paper-only Administration

If your agency is interested in using only the paper version of our instruments and does not want access to our electronic administration, report generation, or data collection and export, you will just need a valid GAIN License Agreement. To get the full benefit of our GAIN tools, Chestnut Health Systems recommends using the GAIN-I and GAIN-Q3 assessments via GAIN ABS. GAIN licensing costs $150 per agency and covers five years of use. To purchase a GAIN license, please complete the GAIN License Agreement and send via email to gaininfo@chestnut.org or fax to 888.268.9828.

For questions or assistance regarding GAIN Licensing or GAIN ABS purchase and implementation, please contact gaininfo@chestnut.org.