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The GAIN-I is a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment designed to support clinical diagnosis, placement, treatment planning, performance monitoring, program planning and economic analysis. It is designed to be used primarily in clinical settings.

  • Background
  • Substance use
  • Physical health
  • Risk behaviors and disease prevention
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Environment and living situation
  • Legal
  • Vocational
  • Addresses recency, breadth, and prevalence
  • Individual Clinical Profile (ICP)
  • Recommendation and Referral Summary (GRRS)
  • Personalized Feedback Report (PFR)
  • Validity Report (VR)

Versions: GAIN-I Full, GAIN-I Core, GAIN-I Lite

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The GAIN-Q is a brief screener used to identify and address a wide range of problems in clinical and general populations. It is designed for use by personnel in diverse settings (i.e. student assistance programs, health clinics, juvenile justice, clinical setting).

  • Problems and service utilization
  • Substance use
  • Withdrawal Management (Q4 only)
  • Mental health (internalizing and externalizing problems)
  • Crime and violence
  • Stress
  • Physical health
  • Risk Behaviors for Infectious Diseases
  • School and work
  • Quality of life
  • Individual Clinical Profile (ICP Q3 only)
  • Recommendation and Referral Summary (RRS)
  • Personalized Feedback Report (PFR)
  • Validity Report (VR)

Versions: GAIN-Q3 Lite, GAIN-Q3 Standard,
GAIN-Q3 MI (Motivational Interviewing), GAIN-Q4 Standard, GAIN-Q4 MI (Motivational Interviewing)

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The GAIN-SS is a screener to be used in general populations to quickly and accurately identify clients who would be flagged as having one or more behavioral health disorders on the GAIN-I.

  • Internalizing disorders
  • Externalizing disorders
  • Substance disorders
  • Crime and violence
  • GAIN-SS Full Report
  • GAIN-SS Summary Report
  • Aggregate Report

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